Setting Unit Sizing and Stop Loss/Take Profit

Setting Unit Sizing and Stop Loss/Take Profit

Set your staking and take profit and stop loss levels.


What is Unit Sizing/Staking?

Unit Sizing/Staking is a method used to standardize the amount of money placed on each bet. In our software, users can set the dollar value of a unit, which allows for consistent and controlled betting. For example, if a user sets the unit size to $10, a 1-unit bet will be $10, a 2-unit bet will be $20, and a 3-unit bet will be $30. This approach helps manage risk and maintain discipline in betting strategies.

What is a Stop Loss(SL)?

A Daily Stop Loss is a risk management feature that helps users limit their potential losses in a single day. By setting a stop loss amount, users ensure that once their losses reach this predefined level, no further bets will be placed for the remainder of the day. This helps protect their bankroll from significant losses and encourages responsible gambling. For instance, if a user sets a daily stop loss of $100, once their losses hit $100, the software will automatically stop placing bets.

Take Profit Targets(TP)?

Take Profit Targets are designed to help users lock in profits by setting a predetermined profit level at which betting stops for the day. Once the user's profit reaches this target, the software will cease placing further bets to safeguard the earned profits. For example, if a user sets a take profit target of $200, the software will stop placing bets as soon as the user's profits for the day reach $200, ensuring that the gains are preserved.

By setting these parameters, users can better manage their betting activities, maintain control over their gambling habits, and ultimately create a more enjoyable and sustainable betting experience.

As a general rule of thumb here is what we would recommend to set your unit sizing, SL and TP levels to.

For this example we will assume you have a $1,000 bank roll, but adjust accordingly to your own bank roll.

We recommend that relative to your bank roll you have 40-50 units available. This would mean that a $1,000 bank roll would have you sitting around $20-25 unit sizing

Stop Loss: Recommended that you set this to 5-6 units. Take Profit: Recomennded thatyou set this to 7-10 units.

Any day where we get 10 units of profit the system would not place any further bets, on weaker days it may pull the plug around 5 units even. The system is dynamic and doesn't have a fixed target, it calculates the expected result with the remainng races, relative to where we are at throughout the day and based it off that.

Set up Your unit sizes and SL/TP levels

1. Go to the settings

Go to the settings on your left side bar or from the header menu on mobile from the dashboard

2. Select automation settings on the settings menu

This will bring you to a section where you can set your unit sizing, take profit levels and stop loss levels.

3. Set the amounts in AUD for your levels.

Units, Stop Loss and Take Profit is all measured in AUD.

4. Hit Save

This will lock in your staking settings you just set