Connect your Betfair Account

Connect your Betfair Account

Connect your betfair account to your Lay Back and Win Account

In order for Layback and win to place orders on your behalf, you need to provide authorization.

Lay Back and Win is a Betfair authorised partner. Betfair has conducted multiple security audits to ensure how we handle your data complies with their requirements.


1. Go to the settings

Go to the settings on your left side bar or from the header menu on mobile from the dashboard

2. Select Betfair Account on the Settings Menu

This will take you to betfair to authorize your account to be accessed by Lay Back and Win

3. Log in with your Betfair Account

You will now provide authorisation before being redirected back to Lay Back and Win.

4. You have now connected your Betfair Account

Your Betfair account is now connected and there is nothing futher you need to do.

Removing Lay Back and Wins authorisation

To remove authorisation you just need to head back to your Betfair Setting

Your Betfair account is now disconnected from Lay Back and Win.